Home invader loots thousands in jewels

63 Precinct


Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

House clearer

A freebooting house cleaner stole over $4,000 worth of jewelry from a Hendrickson Street home on Feb. 3. 

The victim told police that the thief entered the home between Quentin Road and Avenue R empty-handed around 3 pm, before leaving with a large suitcase filled with jewels. 

Laundry day 

Two knuckleheads snagged over $1,000 worth of skin cream from a Kings Highway pharmacy on Feb. 4. 

An employee told police that the shoplifters snuck the items out of the store between E. 49th Street and Utica Avenue at around 10 pm in laundry bags.

Kiddie fashion

Two sneaky scalawags swiped $2,500 worth of kid’s clothes from a Ralph Avenue clothing store on Feb. 8. 

An employee told police that the crooks snuck out of the store at the intersection of Avenue L around 10:55 am with the clothing in trash bags.