Shoplifters snag thousands from Kings Plaza

63 Precinct


Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Skirt sneak

Shoplifters snagged $2,227 of merchandise from a Kings Plaza clothing store on Dec. 6. 

A witness told police the thieves nabbed multiple denim skirts and jeans from the store in the Avenue U mall around 5:05 pm before fleeing the shop. 


A thief snagged a woman’s purse while she was shopping at a Kings Plaza department store on Dec. 7. 

Victim told police that the purse snatcher grabbed the bag she had hanging on her stroller at the Avenue U mall around 2:20 pm before running off. 

Designer swiper 

Thieves nabbed $6,200 worth of merchandise from a car parked on Strickland Avenue on Dec. 7. 

The victim told police she returned to her vehicle parked near National Drive around 7:28 pm and found her designer clothing missing.