63rd Pct. bash-a-rama

63rd Pct. bash-a-rama

Felony assaults in the 63rd Precinct jumped by nearly 16 percent in 2009, according to recently released NYPD CompStat numbers.

Police said that as of December 27 148 assaults had been logged in the Brooklyn Avenue stationhouse %u2013 twenty more than the 128 that took place by the same date in 2008.

Officials said that the assaults were not caused by random acts of violence, but predominantly committed by domestic partners or people who knew each other and had a prior history.

Many of the attacks could be considered youth-on-youth crimes, officials said.

Assault was one of two annually tracked crimes that saw increases in the 63rd precinct last year. Rape reports were also up, from seven in 2008 to twelve last year. None of the rapes were considered stranger rapes, officials said.

The largest decrease experienced by cops in the 63rd Precinct was in burglaries, which saw a 14.7 percent fall, from 278 in 2008 to 237. The number of grand larcenies %u2013 which includes identity theft cases, non-violent purse snatches and car break-ins, saw a 14.5 percent drop, from 684 to 585.

Robberies in the command had fallen by just over 13 percent, from 283 to 246, said cops from the command, who added that car thefts dipped by nearly seven percent, from 184 to 172.

By December 27, the 63rd Precinct was expected to end the year on a positive note, with a nearly 11 percent reduction in crime.

The 63rd Precinct protects residents in Marine Park, Mill Basin, Mill Island, Bergen Beach and Flatlands.