Teens arrested for alleged brutal robbery


Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace


Cops arrested three teens for an alleged brutal robbery on 54th Street on Nov. 29.

The victim told police that the suspects approached her from behind near Seventh Avenue, before striking her in the back of the head and grabbing her purse.

Authorities caught up with the three teenage suspects and slapped them with burglary charges, according to the police report.


A home invader looted a copper pipe from a 22nd Street house on Nov. 25.

The victim told police that the weasel entered the basement of his house near Seventh Avenue at around 5:45 am and made off with the $250 pipe. 


A thief jacked a woman’s car from Third Avenue on Nov. 10.

The victim told cops she left her ride parked under the Gowanus Expressway near 19th Street at around noon, but when she came back after ten days, it had disappeared. 


Some fiend robbed over $1000 of items from a parked car on 54th Street on Nov. 30.

The victim told police that the pilferer jacked various designer clothing items from the car parked near Seventh Avenue at around 6 pm.

Check scam 

Some scammer stole and altered a family’s rent check on Fifth Avenue on Nov. 11. 

The victims told cops they mailed their rent check from their apartment near 61st Street at around 9:30 am — but the swindler intercepted it and fraudulently cashed it at a checking business.