Cops cuff man for alleged car-jacking


Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Wild chase 

Cops cuffed a suspect after he allegedly fled from cops in a stolen vehicle near Third Avenue on Feb. 7. 

Patrolling officers approached the man who was sleeping in the stolen car near 49th Street at around 7:19 am, before he allegedly sped off — almost striking one patrolman. 

The alleged suspect then crashed the car, and authorities took him to Lutheran Hospital and hit with a long list of charges — including reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, obstructing government administration, reckless driving, and aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. 

Kicking and screaming

Cops cuffed an alleged vandal for vandalizing a Fourth Avenue bodega on Feb. 8.

The bodega owner told police that the suspect walked by the store near 29th Street at around 3:23 pm, kicking its glass door until it cracked — allegedly causing $2000 in damage. 

Police later arrested the man on criminal mischief charges. 

Brick squad

Cops arrested a man for alleged narcotics possession on First Avenue on Feb. 4. 

Patrolling officers told the man to move his car that was blocking a fire hydrant near 48th Street at around 2:51 pm, when they allegedly noticed a brick of heroin in plain view in the front seat. 

Officers cuffed the man and charged him with possession of a controlled substance and acting in a manner injurious to a child. 


Cops arrested a man for allegedly assaulting a man in the Prospect Avenue R train station on Feb. 10. 

The victim told police that the man spat at him in the Fourth Avenue at around 1:20 am, before taking a belt out of his bag and beating the victim with it. 

Cops arrived on the scene and cuffed the man on charges of assault with a weapon.