Pirate loots $600 from woman’s bag


Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill– Red Hook

Cash stash

A thief stole $600 from a bag in Coffey Park on June 8.

The victim told police that she left her bag unattended at the park between Richards and Dwight streets between noon and 1:45 pm, and returned to find it on the ground and missing $600.

Car break-in

A thief stole an airbag from a car parked on Clinton Street sometime between June 13 and 14.

The victim told police that the bandit broke the lock on the driver’s side door of his Honda Accord parked by Sackett Street and stole the $775 airbag.

Bike burglar

A nogoodnik stole a bike from outside a home on Second Place sometime between June 11 and 12.

The victim told police that she left the $300 bike between Smith and Hoyt Streets at 9:30 pm while staying at her boyfriend’s house, but when she returned the next morning at 9:45 am, the bike was gone. 

Bizarre car theft

A woman broke into a man’s car on Hamilton Avenue and stole a pair of Airpods on June 2.

The victim told police that he saw a woman sitting in the front seat of his car in a fast food parking lot by Centre Street, and when he approached, the woman ran away with the pair of $150 earbuds.