Motorist leaves the scene of an accident


Park Slope

Side swiper

Some scumbag left the scene of a crash he caused by driving recklessly on Eighth Avenue on Nov. 23.

The victim told cops the jerk sideswiped him near Carroll Street at 4:09 pm by merging lanes improperly, before driving off without stopping.


A perp harassed a victim inside a Ninth Street homeless shelter on Nov. 23.

The victim told cops the aggressor challenged him to a fight in the shelter between Fifth and Sixth avenues at around 9:15 am.

Package thief

A thief lifted two packages from an Eighth Street apartment building on Nov. 23.

The pilferer entered the apartment building near Fifth Avenue at around 11:30 am and swiped the two packages, containing a sink faucet and blue painters tape.

Brown window

Some animal vandalized a car on Dean Street on Nov. 23.

The owner of the car told police the hooligan tossed a rock through the left side passenger window of his ride near Vanderbilt Avenue at around 2 am, causing over $250 in damage.