Scumbag defaces shrine to LGBT icon


Park Slope

Act of hate

A scumbag defaced a picture of a famed gay rights activist at a Fifth Avenue bar on Jan. 4.

An employee told police that the lout scrawled “JEW” on a portrait of LGBT activist Edith Windsor inside the watering near Fifth Street at around 8 pm.

MTA Menace

A knife-wielding worm menaced an MTA employee inside the Atlantic Avenue station on Jan. 9.

The victim told police that the nogoodnik brandished the knife inside the station near Flatbush Avenue at 2:15 am and threatened the employee. 

Shooting up 

Police cuffed a suspect for allegedly shooting heroin in the staircase of a Warren Street public housing project on Jan. 6. 

Patrolling cops found the suspect, who does not live in the building, in the staircase of the houses near Nevins Street at around 8:21 pm, where they allegedly found nineteen small bags of heroin on him. 

Authorities arrested the suspect and charged him with criminal possession of a controlled substance. 

Head cracker 

A brute threatened a resident of a Ninth Street homeless shelter on Jan. 4.

The victim told police that the jerk yelled “I’m gonna crack your head open” during a fight in the shelter near Sixth Avenue at 6:24 pm. 


Some weasel stole a bike on Ninth Street on Jan. 4.

The victim told police that she left the bike locked outside the YMCA near Sixth Avenue, and the pilferer had stolen it when she returned at 4 pm.