Pillagers pocket man’s gold chain in Boerum Hill


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Necklace lout 

Two dirtbags snatched a guy’s necklace on Smith Street on Jan. 29.

The victim told police that the crooks threatened him with a box cutter near Dean Street at 3:15 am, before snatching his metal chain.

Attack of the teens!

A gang of delinquents jumped a guy at a Concord Street playground on Jan. 31.

The victim told police that he was playing basketball when a parade of teens approached at Golconda Playground near Prince Street at 4:20 pm, before the scumbags beat him up — taking his cellphone, headphones, and fanny pack.

Strangling scumbag

Police arrested a man they suspect of attacking his girlfriend at his Willoughby Street apartment on Jan. 28.

The victim told police that her lover allegedly strangled her and slammed her head to the ground inside the apartment between Duffield and Bridge streets at 2 am.

Cops caught up with the suspect and put him under arrest on felony assault charges three days later, according to police reports.

Stray bullet

A gunman’s bullet grazed a teen on Fulton Street on Feb. 2.

The 15-year-old victim heard a pop and realized he had been shot near Hanover Place at 3:40 pm — sustaining a minor abrasion on his elbow.

The victim’s mother took him to Brooklyn Hospital, and cops later found two shell casings near the shooting location, according to police.

Apple thief!

A filcher nabbed three iPhones from an Atlantic Avenue cellphone store on Jan. 30.

Witnesses told cops that the looter grabbed $2,800 worth of phones from the store’s display case near Fourth Avenue at 11:15 am, before fleeing.


A pirate hijacked a man’s car on Nassau Street on Feb. 2.

The victim told police he was picking someone up, when the wrong passenger got in the car near Navy Street at 7:20 am, but when the driver told the purloiner to leave, the brigand jumped into the front seat of the black Toyota Camry and sped off.