Gun-toting goons swipe goods from straphanger


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown


A group of armed rogues ambushed a straphanger on a 3 train near Clark Street June 1.

The victim told police that  the villains surrounded him and told him they had a gun on the East New York bound tube at 6:30 pm, before snatching his phone, smart watch, and wallet.

Slash attack

Knife- and bottle-wielding knaves attacked a man on Johnson Street on June 4.

The victim told police that three rogues jumped him from behind at Prince Street just after 8 pm, stabbing him in the leg, slashing his wrist, and whacking him in the eye with a bottle.

Rock raiders

Two looters stole almost $30,000-worth of jewelry from a Fulton Street department store on May 31.

A witness told police that the two men used hammers from a nearby construction site to break into the building between Lawrence and Bridge streets after 11 pm, and nabbed rocks worth $29,100 from a display case.

Scent of a criminal

A gang of thieves stole a bunch of perfume from a department store overnight at Albee Square W. On June 2.

A witness told police that the five fiends broke in using hammers and several bricks between Fulton and Willoughby streets at 12:30 am, before taking perfumes and fragrances worth almost $3,000, and fleeing in a gray Toyota getaway car.