Band of muggers rob two

84th precinct stationhouse
The 84th Precinct stationhouse in Downtown Brooklyn.
Photo by Kirstyn Brendlen

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights—DUMBO—Boerum Hill—Downtown

Band of muggers rob two victims

A band of muggers allegedly robbed two victims on the early hours of May 2 on Fourth Avenue.

Police said the first victim exited the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station at Pacific Street and was headed home when he was intercepted by four men dressed all in black — one of whom was holding a knife. They grabbed the man’s iPhone and wallet and fled, but that wasn’t the end of their spree. A second victim found himself surrounded by the same four jerks. The men allegedly punched the man in the face, slashed him with a knife, and rifled through his pockets, stealing his phone and wallet and disappearing into the subway.

The first victim’s stolen wallet was found on the sidewalk on the scene of the second mugging, and surveillance footage showed a fifth man standing by as lookout as the victims were roughed up. Cops arrested two suspects for the robberies on May 5.

Follow your instincts

Two villains jumped a man walking on Nevins Street on May 6.

The victim told police he noticed someone was following him down the street at about 10 pm and crossed the street to try to lose the creep. As he walked between Bergen and Dean streets, his follower and a second man cornered him with a silver handgun, demanding his money. One of the perps pulled cash and the victim’s wallet and passport out of his pockets while the other grabbed his phone from his hand.

Cops were able to track the stolen phone to Malcolm X Boulevard in Manhattan.

Stray bullets on Bridge Street

A man was hit by a stray bullet as he stood on Bridge Street on May 3.

Cops said the victim was shot once in the behind as he stood on the sidewalk near Prospect Street just before 6 pm. Security footage showed a white SUV fleeing the scene just after the incident, but cops didn’t find the vehicle during their initial search of the neighborhood. Eight bullet casings in total were found on the scene.

The victim was brought to NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn for treatment.

Punks ransack apartment building

A couple of punks ran through an apartment building on May 3, searching for unlocked doors and stealing everything they could.

Victims and witnesses said a couple of jerks had been running through the building that evening at about 5 pm trying apartment doors. They were twice successful, stealing AirPods and Yeezy sneakers from one unit and ransacking another for an iPhone and a wallet while the resident was out on a run. The baddies used a stolen credit card at a local McDonalds and a Target store later that day.

Cameras caught glimpses of the thieves in the lobby, but not in the halls.

Criminals with a crowbar

Two criminals pried open the front door of a Dean Street apartment house in search of packages on May 2.

A witness told police the thieves used a crowbar to open the front door of the building near 4th Avenue just before 9 am, damaging the door. Once inside, they stole four packages from the lobby and ran off.

Packing up at a department store

A bandit tried to steal quite a bit of stock from a Fulton Street department store on May 5.

Police said the thief walked into the store near Bridge Street at about 3:30 pm with two empty pieces of luggage. He filled the suitcases with more than $1,000 of designer coats and Nike, Adidas, and Puma sneakers and headed for the exit. An employee managed to grab the goods before the raider could escape.