Marauders at the mailbox

84th precinct stationhouse
The 84th Precinct station house on Gold Street.
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Marauders at the mailbox

A couple of sneaks allegedly made repeat visits to a United States Postal Service mailbox on Cadman Plaza West late last month and made off with a load of important documents.

Police said that security footage captured between Feb. 23 and March 1 showed some unknown thieves making repeat visits to an outdoor mailbox near Middagh Street, unlocking it with a stolen key, and sorting through the mail inside — filling large bags with envelopes containing credit and debit cards and checks. The burglars loaded the mail bags into a silver BMW parked nearby, and the cameras caught the vehicle’s license plate.

Cops arrested the suspects on March 1, and the duo will be tried in federal court.

Restaurant raider

Some thief broke into a Hoyt Street restaurant and made off with a load of equipment on March 1.

The victim told police he was the last employee to leave the Mile End Deli at the corner of Atlantic Avenue at nearly 11pm. He returned to the shop to make a delivery around 4 am and noticed that the glass in the front door of the restaurant was shattered. Inside, the rustler had stolen several tablets used for taking orders and cash, all in all worth $945.

Spitty slimeball

An alleged arrestee got in even more trouble on March 3 when he spit on an officer as he was transported in an ambulance.

Police said an officer was escorting a defendant from Brooklyn Central Booking to Cobble Hill Hospital for a minor medical issue at around 9:30 pm when the jerk leaned forward and spat at the officer, then hit her in the right eye, causing some pain and irritation.

Both the officer and the perp were treated at the hospital, and the cretin was re-arrested later that night.

That’s the kicker

A jerk allegedly kicked an NYPD officer on Front Street on March 2. 

Police said the sergeant of the department’s Property Division was escorting the punk out of the building near Dock Street at about 2pm when he swung and kicked the cop in the left thigh — and was promptly arrested.

Smartphone snatcher

A rogue grabbed a smart phone out of a woman’s hand while she was walking on Albee Square West on March 6.

The victim told police she was strolling along near Fulton Street shortly before 7pm when the lout pounced on her and pulled her iPhone 13 from her hands. She didn’t fight back or try to keep ahold of the phone — but an unrelated passerby ran after the thief, got the phone back, and brought it back to the victim and responding cops. 

Gym locker break-in

Some sneak broke open a locker at an Atlantic Avenue Blink Fitness and stole a gym rat’s belongings on March 3.

Police said the victim locked up his items at the gym near Boerum Place at about 8 pm for a half-hour workout. When he returned, his padlock was broken and his bag, containing his wallet, credit cards, cash, and license, was missing.

Manhattan Bridge manhandlers

A pair of jerks robbed a scooter rider as he drove across the Manhattan bridge toward Brooklyn on March 14.

The victim told police he was riding his gasoline-powered scooter in the bicycle lane at about 9:30 pm when two strange assailants approached him and held a gun to his neck while demanding he give up the scooter. He obliged, stepping off the expensive machine, and the two thieves hopped on and rode away toward Jay Street. Luckily for the victim, he had an Apple Airtag attached to the scooter, and was able to track the thieves as they sped off.