Swipers target sleeping subway rider

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The 84th Precinct station house on Gold Street.
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Swipers target sleeping subway rider

A couple of swipers robbed a sleeping subway rider on Feb. 21.

The victim told police she boarded the train at Yankee Stadium at about 4am and fell asleep. When she woke up at the Dekalb Avenue station, she discovered that some rogue had taken her purse with her phone, credit cards, and passport. She promptly realized there were unauthorized charges on her cards in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, and that the sneaky thief had taken her phone offline so it could not be tracked.

Burglary attempt bungled

A sneak tried to rob an apartment house near Bergen Street on Feb. 25.

Police said the would-be burglar allegedly walked into the home through the closed but unlocked steel front door at about 5:30pm and was standing in the entryway with his pants down when the victim opened the secondary door, which scared him off. A nearby officer watched the suspect try to open several other front doors on the street.

Cops arrested the man, who they said had a history of burglary, that night.

Backpack grabbed at bar

A law student’s backpack was stolen as he sat at a bar on Smith Street on Feb. 23.

The victim told police he settled in for a drink at a bar at the corner of Wyckoff Street at about 8pm, and set his backpack on the chair next to him. As he got ready to leave a few hours later, he realized someone had nabbed the bag, which contained his laptop, some expensive law books, and his headphones, all in all worth nearly $1,900.


Some scoundrel stole a selection of men’s athletic pants from a Smith Street Lululemon store on Feb. 20.

Police said the victim was helping other customers in the store near Wyckoff Street at about 2pm when the thief suddenly scooped up nearly $3,000 worth of clothing and jumped into a car outside, which sped down Wyckoff Street toward Hoyt Street.

Scooter stolen at YMCA

A marauder stole a scooter from the lobby of the YMCA on Atlantic Avenue on Feb. 21.

Cops said the victim left the scooter unlocked near the guard booth on the first floor of the building at about 4pm while he went inside for a few hours, but during that time, someone walked into the building and stole Apollo-brand electric scooter along with his helmet and light. 

Donation drive gone wrong

A seemingly-innocent bid for donations turned violent at MetroTech Center on Feb. 23.

The victim said he was approached by three young men asking if he wanted to purchase some candy for a charity drive at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Bridge Street at about 3:30pm, police said. He agreed to a $1 donation, but only had large bills, and as he looked through the cash, one of the bandits allegedly grabbed $120 from his hand. The victim then tried to call 911, but the perps grabbed his phone before the call could go through, then fled.

Police arrested one of the three alleged robbers on the scene, while the two others ran away down Bridge Street.