84th Precinct: Creep arrested after deli robbery

84th precinct stationhouse
The 84th Precinct stationhouse in Downtown Brooklyn.
Photo by Kirstyn Brendlen


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Creep arrested after deli robbery

A creep was arrested after allegedly robbing a Bond Street deli on Jan. 5.

Cops said the suspect and another perp entered the store near State Street together at about 1:30pm and started perusing the shelves. An employee watched as both alleged thieves placed beer in their pockets and headed for the exit door. The employee tried to stop the duo, but the suspect turned and said “Don’t do anything or I’ll shoot you.”

The employee bravely followed the jerk outside, where the alleged thief charged him with a knife. When it was safe, the victim flagged down a police officer, who asked the victim to hop into his car so they could ride around searching for the perp. The victim pointed him out about a block away, and when officers stopped him, they found a knife concealed in his pocket. He was arrested there and then. 

Rowdy passengers rob Lyft driver

Two rowdy passengers got angry with their Lyft driver and stole her belongings on Tillary Street on Jan. 7.

The victim told police she picked up two women in Manhattan and was driving them to their next destination when they started fighting in the backseat of her car just before 10pm. She stopped her car near Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard, ended the trip in the app, and asked the women to get out of the car. Enraged, one of the women grabbed the driver’s purse, while the other started punching her and grabbed her cell phone out of her hand.

Holding the driver’s belongings, both passengers hopped out and took off running toward Jay Street.

Bystander injured during store robbery

A woman was injured by a fleeing thief on Fulton Street on Jan. 2.

Police said the victim was riding an up escalator inside the Nordstrom Rack department store near Duffield Street 12:40pm when some jerk, fleeing a loss prevention employee after apparently stealing some merchandise, started running down the down escalator. Partway down, the ruffian swung himself over the divider and onto the up escalator — knocking the shopper to the ground in the process and leaving her with minor lacerations on her face and leg.

The victim was brought to The Brooklyn Hospital Center for treatment. 

Scammer takes advantage of charitable check

A scammer swiped a check from a Willow Street mailbox and deposited it into their own account on Dec. 19.

The good-hearted victim told police said she made a check out for $10 to a charitable organization, sealed it in an envelope, and dropped it in the mailbox at her home near Clark Street on Dec. 18. On New Year’s Eve, she got a call from her bank, asking if she had made out a check for $29,000 to a strange name. She hadn’t — but someone had managed to get ahold of the check, scrub out the memo line and cash amount, and steal a huge chunk of the victim’s money. 

Running car runs off

Some punks stole a delivery worker’s car as he dropped off packages on Pacific Street on Jan. 5.

Cops said the victim parked his 2013 Toyota near 4th Avenue at 7:20pm and left it running with the keys in the ignition while he ran inside a nearby building to deliver packages. Just three minutes later, when he stepped back out onto the street, he saw three thieves speeding off toward 3rd Avenue in his car.