Gunman shakes down victim on Warren Street

84 Precinct


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Gunpoint shakedown

A gunman held up a man on Warren Street on Jan. 15.
The victim told police he was between Smith and Hoyt streets when the villain waltzed up and held a gun to his at 6:20 pm, demanding cash. 
The rogue bagged $300 from the victim and fled toward Smith Street, cops said.

Barefaced crime!

Thieves robbed a man at gunpoint on Wyckoff Street on Jan. 17.
The victim told police that one of the pistol-wielding wretches stopped him between Nevins and Bond streets at 8:30 pm, when] two accomplices surrounded him and grabbed his jacket, sneakers, car keys, phone, and AirPods before hightailing it in a getaway car.

Cell snatcher

Some prowler snatched a man’s phone on the R train near Lawrence Street on Jan. 14.
The victim told police he was on the southbound train, and when its doors opened at Jay Street-MetroTech station, the thief waiting on the platform grabbed his phone out of his hand and made a run for it around 9:30 am.
The victim chased after the brigand but lost sight of him, cops said.

Fashion fiend

Police arrested a teen accused of looting a Fulton Street department store on Jan. 16.
A witness told police that the 17-year-old boy allegedly bagged almost $1,500-worth of clothes from the store between Gallatin Place and Hoyt Street at 4:30 pm, when he skipped past the register without paying, 
Cops caught up with the youngster around 6:15 pm and slapped him with felony Grand Larceny charges.

Package pirate

A brick-hurling bandit stole packages from a Dean Street building on Jan. 14.
Witnesses told police that the marauder threw a brick through the glass door of the building between Third and Fourth avenues at 4:40 pm, before nabbing packages from the lobby and bolting.