84th Precinct: Down the fire escape

84th precinct stationhouse
The 84th Precinct stationhouse in Downtown Brooklyn.
Photo by Kirstyn Brendlen


Brooklyn Heights—DUMBO—Boerum Hill—Downtown

Down the fire escape

A pair of thieves allegedly attempted to steal clothing from the Fulton Street Macy’s on Dec. 22. 

Cops said the pillagers entered the store near Hoyt Street just after 12pm, loaded up their arms with jackets and sweatshirts, and slipped out onto the fire escape without paying. A loss prevention officer followed them out to try to get the items back, but the alleged thieves fought back — and one slipped his hand into his pocket as if he had a firearm.

Luckily, officers arrived on the scene in time to witness the scuffle and arrest the two cretins. 

Maintenance worker robbed

Some jerk stole from a maintenance worker on Fulton Street on Dec. 19.

The victim told police he was sweeping near the corner of Duffield Street at 1:30pm when the creep walked up to him and stole empty garbage bags from his trash can. When the victim asked for the bags back, the perp spit in his face and walked away. A short while later, he doubled back toward the victim and tried to take more bags — when the worker tried to stop the thief, the thief said “I’m going to kill you,” and started hitting the worker in the head with a dust pan handle. 

The victim was treated for injuries to his head and hand at a local emergency room. 

Sneak nabs headphones

A sneak stole a woman’s headphones in Walt Whitman Park on Dec. 20.

Police said the victim was walking through the park near Cadman Plaza West at about 9pm when she paused on the pathway to put her hat on — placing her headphones in her pocket. As she stood there, someone brushed by her — but she didn’t think anything of it until she reached into her pocket to retrieve the $550 Sony headphones and realized the passerby had swiped them. 

Bus-riding baddie

A baddie rummaged through a commuter’s backpack at an Atlantic Avenue bus stop on Dec. 22.

The victim was riding the bus to work at about 7:15pm when some stranger hopped on the bus and started rifling through his backpack, police said. He grabbed the victim’s work phone and guess wallet and disappeared. 

Package thief gets caught — almost

Some Scrooge stole packages from a Hicks Street apartment building just days before Christmas on Dec. 22.

Cops said the victim entered his apartment building near Clark Street just after 10pm and heard someone rummaging with boxes in the stairwell — then watched as a man walked past him and right out the front door. He later realized there were ripped open, empty packages left on the stairs — their contents having disappeared with the strange man he saw earlier.