88th Precinct: Goon swings at stranger in street fight

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene-Clinton Hill

Goon swings at stranger in street fight

Some goon allegedly took a swing at a stranger during an argument on Fulton Street on Dec. 2. 

Cops said the pair — who did not know each other — started arguing outside near Rockwell Place at 11:11pm. After they exchanged some harsh words, one jerk got angry — and struck the victim in the head with a lamp. 

Officers arrested the alleged attacker on the scene, and the victim left with injuries to the left ear and cheek and a laceration on her forehead.

Hate crime on Fleet Place

A man was attacked for his race on Fleet Place on Dec. 3. 

The victim said he was walking near Willoughby Street at about 4pm when a strange man started yelling anti-Asian slurs and threats at him while swinging and umbrella at him. The attacker struck the victim in the face with the umbrella, leaving a small laceration.

Evening attack in park

Some creep attacked a man walking through Fort Greene Park near South Portland Avenue on Dec. 3.

Police said the victim was walking through the park near DeKalb Avenue at 8pm when someone suddenly smacked him in the back of the head, shoving him forward onto the path. The unseen assailant ran off, and when the victim turned around, he realized his phone had been stolen.

The victim went to NYU Langone after the incident.

Restaurant break-in

A allegedly jerk broke into a Carlton Avenue restaurant on Dec. 3.

The owner of Los Dos Hermanos told police he was notified that the restaurant near DeKalb Avenue was being broken into at about 2:30am. He rushed to check out the scene, and saw an unknown man stepping out of the broken front door of the restaurant. Surveillance video captured the man breaking the front door with a brick, grabbing two tablets, cash, and a paycheck, and fleeing the scene – or trying to.

The owner caught the alleged thief on the scene and held him until police arrived and arrested him.