Knife-wielding man allegedly slashes bar bouncer


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Saloon slasher

Police arrested a man for allegedly slashing a man’s hand at a Dekalb Avenue watering hole on Nov. 28.

The victim told police he was kicking the the suspect out of the bar near Vanderbilt Avenue at 3:50 am when the defendant allegedly pulled out a knife and cut the victim’s hand and back.

Cops arrived at the scene and slapped the suspect with felony assault charges.

Snatch and grab

Some lout snatched a woman’s phone on Greene Avenue on Nov. 25.

The victim told police that the bandit approached near Carlton Avenue at 6:15 pm and swiped her phone, credit card, and driver’s license from her hand.

McDonald’s malefactors

Some goons robbed a teen at McDonald’s on Flatbush Avenue Extension on Nov. 25.

The 14-year-old victim told police he was enjoying his meal near Fulton Street 4 pm when the group of savages hit him in the face, before grabbing his phone, metrocard, and headphones and hightailing it out of the restaurant.


A group of juvenile ruffians stole a woman’s AirPod on Flatbush Avenue on Nov. 26.

The victim told police that the brigands hit her in the back of the head with a cardboard box between Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue at 7:45 pm. Realizing she was missing an AirPod, she returned to the scene and saw one of the kids holding it — before the savages hit her in the face again and fled down Flatbush Avenue. 

Sterile thief

A crook stole hand sanitizer and soap from a Myrtle Avenue laundromat on Dec. 1.

An employee told police that the scamp pocketed the items at the store near N. Portland Avenue 11:57 am, and when they tried to stop him, the shoplifter punched all three workers in the face.