Fake cop attacks man in Clinton Hill over parking dispute


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Cop attack!

A man falsely identified himself as a cop while three accomplices attacked a victim over a parking dispute on Myrtle Avenue on July 24.

The victim told police one man claimed he was an officer and flashed a badge between Ryerson Street and Grand Avenue at 7:45 pm and punched him in the face, before three of his perp friends violently attacked him. 

Police notified their Internal Affairs Bureau regarding the attack, according to the authorities.

NYCHA menace

A goon roughed up a public housing employee at a Monument Walk complex on July 22.

The victim told police that the bruiser slammed her head into an elevator, pushed her to the floor, and demanded that she hand over cash on the 11th floor of a building near Park Avenue at 10:10 am, before punching her several times and running off with $20, a radio, and a cellphone.

Crooked cabbie

A taxi driver nabbed a woman’s phone on Myrtle Avenue on July 22.

The victim told police that the brigand yanked her phone from her hand at Adelphi Street at 8:50 pm before speeding off toward Flatbush Avenue.

Chain snatch

A gunman grabbed a man’s jewelry and wallet on Park Avenue on July 25.

The victim told police that the villain threatened him with a silver gun at Hall Street at 2:35 am, before making off with two gold chains, a gold watch, and a wallet with $1,200 in cash.