Ruffian hits and mugs Fort Greene woman


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Mean muggin’

Some brute hit and mugged a woman on Adelphi Street on Jan. 27.

The victim told police that, between Greene and Lafayette avenues at 4 pm, the lout hit her arm and snatched her purse.

Snack attack

A knife-brandishing couple stole snacks from a Flatbush Avenue Ext. store in the early hours of Jan. 27.

An employee told cops that, at Fulton Street around 3:10 am, the man and woman took a bag of cookies and a pack of taquitos.

When the victim tried to stop the nogoodniks, they threatened to kill him with a pocket knife and fled the scene, according to police.


Police are searching for two villains that robbed a friend of theirs blind at knifepoint at Auburn Place on Jan. 29.

The victim told police that, between N. Portland Avenue and St Edwards Street at noon, his friend and a woman came over to collect stuff, but the three got into a fight and one of the attackers hit the victim in the face, before stealing his phone, wallet, and keys.


A overnight looter stole a safe from a Fulton Street restaurant on Jan. 25.

The victim told police that, at Clinton Avenue just after 5:30 am, the invader busted the front window and grabbed the lockbox containing $225, before fleeing toward Vanderbilt Avenue.

Lobby looter

A package pirate nabbed several boxes from an Adelphi Street building on Jan. 16.

The victim told cops that, between Flushing and Park avenues and between 1-5:30 pm, the sneak thief cracked the lock to get into the vestibule and took a package of sneakers, children’s clothes, and cosmetics.