Crooks nab cell phone

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Work call

A group of crooks allegedly stole a man’s cell phone as he walked down Cambridge Place on Sept. 28.

Police said the victim was on the phone while he walked near Fulton Street when a man grabbed his backpack and tried to run off with it. He fought back and was pulled to the ground. Two of the alleged thieves ran off, one with his cell phone in hand, but the victim grabbed the other and held him in place until officers arrived.

Cops arrested the remaining scoundrel at the scene.

Grab and hit

A baddie attempted to steal a woman’s purse on Willoughby Street on Sept. 28.

The woman was walking near Ashland Place when the crook tried to grab her purse, police said. When she fought back, trying to hold on to the bag, the jerk punched her in the left side of the face before taking off on a bicycle down St. Edwards Street.

Domestic strike

A woman’s boyfriend hit her with his hands and a wooden stick during an argument on Putnam Avenue on Sept. 29.

Police said the couple were arguing near Classon Avenue when the bozo punched her face and hit her left arm with a wooden stick, then ran off. Officers searched the neighborhood but couldn’t find him.


A sneak stole a bicycle from Washington Avenue on Sept. 29.

The victim had locked the bike up near Park Avenue and left it unattended for just about ten minutes, police said, but that was enough time for the thief to cut the lock and ride off, leaving the lock broken on the sidewalk. 

E-bike stolen during e-mergency

A snake stole an unlocked electric bicycle while its owner was receiving emergency medical attention on Clinton Avenue on Sept. 28.

Police said the victim had just been in an accident on the corner of Flushing Avenue and left his bike on the sidewalk while he was being treated in an ambulance. While he was inside, the sneak grabbed the bike and rode off.

Cops used GPS to trace the bike to the Marcy Public Housing Development about a mile away, but didn’t find it in a search of the area.

Business expenses

A filcher nabbed a bag stuffed with personal items from an unlocked van on Park Avenue on Oct. 1.

Police said the victim was making a pickup near Cumberland Street and left his the van unlocked while he ran inside. When he came back, someone had opened the door and stolen his backpack, which contained $4,000 in cash, as well as his credit card, drivers license, and social security card.

Motorcycle motors off

A sneak stole a Yamaha motorcycle that had been parked on Clinton Avenue on Sept. 27.

The victim said he had left the bike legally parked and locked near DeKalb Avenue on Sept. 25., but it was gone when he returned for it. Cops searched the area but found no evidence of the motorcycle or the thief.