88th Precinct: Kids mugged at playground

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Kids mugged at playground

Three 12-year-old boys were mugged by masked men who stole $20 from them on Dec. 5 in Clinton Hill.

The boys told cops they were at Crispus Attucks Playground at 4 p.m. when a group of men in ski masks grabbed them and forcibly removed the small amount of cash they had in their pockets.

One of the boys said he was punched in the face by the perps who fled westbound on Fulton Street. They have yet to be identified.

Bike thief cuffed

Cops arrested a 49-year-old man on Dec. 8 in connection with the violent theft of a bicycle at a Clinton Hill gas station.

The 20-year-old victim reported that he was standing by the CitGo station on Myrtle Avenue at 11 p.m. when he was approached and punched in the stomach by a man who then stole his bicycle.

Nearby cops canvassing the area recognized and arrested the alleged thief at Brooklyn Navy Yard later that night. The victim’s bike has yet to be recovered.

Random knife attack

A straphanger was attacked by a man wielding two butcher knives at a Downtown subway station on Dec. 6, according to a recent police report.

The victim told cops he was urinating by the G train subway entrance on Fulton Street at around midnight when he was approached from behind by a man with two butcher knives.

He said the perp slashed him behind the knees and on his left wrist before fleeing the scene.

After identifying the suspect on surveillance cameras, cops arrested a 31-year-old man the following day in Coney Island for allegedly carrying out the knife attack.