88th Precinct: Masked marauders rob convenience store

88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Masked marauders rob convenience store

A trio of marauders robbed a Hanson Place convenience store at gunpoint on Nov. 9.

Police said the three jerks entered the store near Fulton Street wearing black masks and gloves and brandishing a gun just before 9pm. The gun-wielding thief told the store employee “Don’t move, don’t come closer” as his buddy hopped over the counter and grabbed cash from the register and an array of smoke products. He dumped the stolen goods into a bag held by the third thief, and the felonious friends fled into the night.

Lout breaks into friend’s home

Some lout broke into an acquaintance’s Putnam Avenue apartment on Nov. 10.

The victim told police a friend of bus busted into his apartment near Downing Street at about 4:30pm, went into the victim’s bedroom, and grabbed his Playstation5 and $1,500 in cash. He fled the scene — but, luckily, the victim’s roommate was home at the time of the break-in and FaceTimed the victim in the midst of the incident.

Bathroom baddie

A sneak stole some items from a Willoughby Avenue school bathroom on Nov. 3.

The victim said he left his iPhone and case with his debit card, passport, and school ID inside in a bathroom at the Pratt Institute near Steuben Street at 10:15am. An hour later, when he returned, the items were missing – and he was able to track his phone to an entirely new location.

Bandit nabs packages from apartment mailroom

A bandit stole some pricey packages from the mailroom of a Clinton Avenue apartment building on Nov. 5.

Cops said packages containing clothing and jewelry were delivered to the building near DeKalb Avenue and placed in the mailroom at around noon on Nov. 2, while the victims were on vacation. Three days later, when they returned and tried to pick up their packages, they realized that a sneak had entered the building and stolen the goods. All in all, the items in the packages were worth over $1,000. 

Pickpocket swipes straphanger’s wallet

A pickpocket unzipped a straphanger’s backpack and grabbed her wallet at the Nevins Street subway station on Nov. 10.

The victim told police she was standing on the platform at around 4pm when she realized her backpack was open and her wallet was gone. She had last had the wallet — which contained her insurance cards, ID cards, and gift cards — inside a nearby drug store. When cops reviewed the security footage, they saw a sticky-fingered sneak reach into the victim’s bag as she pushed through the turnstile into the station and take the wallet.