88th Precinct: Armed robbery in apartment building

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Armed robbery in apartment building

A brute robbed a woman inside her Clinton Avenue apartment building on Nov. 4.

Police said the creep followed the victim into the building near DeKalb Avenue at around 8:30am. Inside, he pulled a black handgun and told the woman to be quiet or he would kill her, then led her to a room on the second floor. Inside, he pulled off her wedding and engagement rings and stole her iPhone and $100 in cash. 

The perpetrator told the woman not to leave the room for 20 minutes and made a hasty exit. The victim quickly went up to her apartment and called the police. Emergency responders brought her to Brooklyn Methodist hospital for a check-up, but she was not injured during the incident.

Baddie sticks up Deli

A baddie stuck up a Myrtle Avenue deli on Nov. 2.

The victim told police the thief entered Aristos Deli near Ryerson Street just before 3am, pulled out a silver knife, and demanded “all the money in the register.” He then grabbed $700 in cash from the drawer and fled toward Park Avenue. Cops drove the victim around in search of the thief, but they could not find him. 

Purse-snatchers pull gun

A pair of purse-snatchers robbed a man at gunpoint at the Clinton-Washington Avenues subway station on Nov. 2.

The victim was standing on the platform at 3:30am waiting for a southbound train when two strange men approached him, according to police. They asked for his bag, and one pulled out a black firearm. He quickly handed over the bag, which contained his phone, work ID card, and some clothes, and the thieves fled up the stairs and to the street. 

Late-night street fight

A woman allegedly physically attacked her friend during an argument on Putnam Avenue on Nov. 2.

Cops said the victim was arguing with her friend outside a bar near Grand Avenue at 6:35pm when the alleged attacker smashed her in the face with a glass.

Emergency responders brought the victim to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital with lacerations on her face, while cops arrested her buddy on the scene. 

Punk breaks into parked truck

Some punk broke into a truck parked on Willoughby Street on Oct. 31.

The victim told police he parked his company truck near Ashland Place at about 11:30am and left it unlocked as he ran inside a nearby building for just a few minutes. When he hopped back in the vehicle, he found that someone had opened the door and stolen some DeWitt and Milwaukee brand construction equipment worth more than $3,000 — and, to add insult to injury, they took his lunchbox too.

Buddies steak motorcycle

A pair of fast-moving friends stole a motorcycle from Carlton Avenue on the morning of Nov. 3.

Cops said the victim parked his motorcycle on the street near Willoughby Avenue at about 9am. A few hours later, surveillance footage captured two goons riding up the street toward the parked motorcycle. One hopped off his bike and onto the victim’s motorcycle, and the pair rode off together toward Willoughby Avenue.