Thief loots man’s company truck


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

My haul!

Some pilferer ransacked a man’s truck at Grand Avenue on March 26.

The victim told police that he left his company vehicle near Greene Avenue at 11 am, and when he came back about half an hour later, he saw that someone had nabbed his phone, wallet, headphones, and backpack.


Cops collared a guy for allegedly trying to break into an Atlantic Avenue gas station on the night of March 27.

A passer-by told police that he saw the suspect hammering the locks near Grand Avenue around 1:50 am, and when he walked up to the man, he fled.

Police caught up with the man half an hour later around the corner on Lefferts Place and arrested him on felony burglary charges.

Backseat raider

Some lout filched valuables from a woman’s car on Classon Avenue on the morning of March 22.

The victim told police that she parked near Lefferts Place at midnight and when she came back at 9:20 am, she found someone had taken her phone, keys, and several shirts and jeans.

Leering lurker

A creep stole a woman’s credit card on Downing Street on March 21.

The victim told police that the sleaze followed her while cat-calling and asking for money between Putnam and Gates avenues at 9:30 pm, so the victim threw her credit card at him, which he picked up and ran off.

Locked up

Police arrested a man they say cleared out another man’s Grand Avenue storage unit on March 21.

The victim told police that the suspect allegedly stole guitars, an amplifier, and a bike from near Park Avenue, getting off with a total of $10,300 worth of goods.

Cops caught up with the man in question on march 24 at the storage facility and arrested him for felony grand larceny, according to police reports.