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99 Cent robbery

Gambling gunmen

Three dangerous thugs held up the 99 Cent Plus Grocery on Lafayette Avenue, and took cash and scratch-offs on Dec. 2.

A worker was closing up at 8:50 pm when three men forced themselves inside the store, which is near Clifton Place. One had a handgun, and hit the victim on the forehead. The trio ran off with $2,990 and a chance to win more — $100 in typically useless Lotto tickets.

Department steal

A thief ripped off a woman at the Marshall’s department store on Dec. 3.

The victim was shopping inside the discounter inside the Atlantic Center Mall at around 4:30 pm when the sneak took her purse off her cart while her back was turned. He got away with credit cards and a Blackberry.

Immature four

Four teenage thugs did more than pick on a younger teen after school on Dec. 4.

The 14-year-old victim said he was walking to the Atlantic Center Mall mall at around 3:40 pm, but when he was at the corner of Ashland and Hanson places, the older kids walked up and grabbed his digital musical player.

Empty gestures

A thief made a vivid threat to extract a woman’s purse as she was entering a friend’s house on Clermont Avenue on Dec. 6.

The victim was outside on the stoop near Myrtle Avenue at midnight when the perp approached from behind and said, “Give me what you got or I’ll blow your brains out.”

The woman gave up her purse — which contained nothing of value.

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