A better ‘Vue’ is coming to the roof of Hotel LeBleu

Turns out, the Vue stunk — and now, in its place will be a classy rooftop Italian restaurant, the landlord of the Hotel Le Bleu has revealed.

“The restaurant will be run by a prominent chef with experience in Bay Ridge and Lower Manhattan,” said Domenic Tonacchio, the landlord of the eight-story boutique hotel on Fourth Avenue between Third and Fifth streets. He added that the restaurant should open in the “next couple of weeks.”

The shuttering of the Vue — which happened last Monday — comes as welcome news to many of its neighbors who bombarded city agencies with complaints about the noise from the freaknasty club and its swank rooftop dance area.

“I probably complained [to 311] about 10 times,” said Cynthia Simonoff, who lives across the street in the Novo apartment building. “They played loud club music with a strong bass. Sometimes they’d have DJs and you could hear the crowd roaring.

“Practically every time there was a party there, the cops showed up,” she added.

Simonoff said she and roughly 10 other irritated neighbors also swamped the State Liquor Authority with complaints.

Others confirmed that the rowdy nightclub had a caused a slew of issues.

“There were too many problems with the neighbors, the noise, the fights, the community board, the liquor authority, police — everybody,” Tonacchio said.

Efforts to reach the owners of the Vue were to no avail. Tonacchio said that he and the owners were not currently speaking.

What a comedown from such lofty heights. It was only last August, after all, when Brooklyn Paper Señor Editor Vince DiMiceli dubbed the Vue rooftop bar a “gamechanger for Brooklyn.”

“Everything that you thought was, now isn’t. Everything that you wish could have been, has now become,” he said, perhaps a bit caught up in the moment for our video crew.

Apparently, there were very few who agreed with DiMiceli’s assessment. Even the management of the Hotel Le Bleu had beef with the club.

“They wanted to operate a nightclub rather than a lounge,” said Tim Anctil, the general manager of the hotel. “Their parties started at 10 and ended at four — not conducive to a hotel that charges $300 a night.”

Now it seems that everyone that didn’t enjoy the Vue is rejoicing at the soon-to-open al fresco restaurant on the roof.

“It’s fantastic,” Simonoff said. “All of us who worked so hard to bring this annoyance to the attention of authorities should go have a party at that restaurant.”