A bus driver enjoys his holiday in Fort Greene - Brooklyn Paper

A bus driver enjoys his holiday in Fort Greene

To the editor,

I am a bus driver who recently dropped off a group that toured Brooklyn on foot and saw a performance at BAM. While waiting, I found a perfectly legal parking spot for the bus and found myself strolling through Fort Greene, and finally I had a sandwich at Junior’s.

I have been visiting your city for 31 years, but I must admit that I had a wonderful visit to Fort Greene, visiting shops and buying a few items, as well as enjoying the hospitality. Manhattan gets and deserves a lot of credit for hosting visitors, but I will gladly refer folks to Brooklyn and Fort Greene who are looking for a great experience!

Bill Donley, Swansea, MA

Dog day

To the editor,

Lady Day and I thank The Brooklyn Paper for its recent story about the recovery of my sweet black Lab (“Doggonit,” March 24).

I’d just like to add a missing person to this missing dog story. Lady Day was found the old-fashioned samizdat way — 70 hand-lettered signs taped to lampposts and store windows throughout Prospect Heights and Park Slope, plus eyes on the street.

On Saturday, March 10 (Day 4), Kath Hansen from Clinton Hill came to Park Slope and saw the sign I’d posted at Pintchik — the dog-friendly hardware store that gives out dog treats and popcorn at the front door.

Hansen phoned to say that she knew of an older black Lab, abandoned early afternoon March 6 at the Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital in Ft. Greene.

Maybe Lady Day?

On that day, Luz Santiago, the hospital’s compassionate office manager (who saved Lady Day from being sent to certain death in a shelter), had asked Hansen, head of PUPS (the Ft. Greene dog advocacy group) to help adopt a sweet black Lab just abandoned there. (They had no idea she’d been dognapped.)

Kath Hansen was, in fact, the critical last link in this shaggy dog story: had she not gone to Pintchik (and had Pintchik not let me post my Lady Day sign), the community — and my Con Ed meter-reader — would still be searching for Lady Day.

I thank everyone.

Patti Hagan, Prospect Heights

Save Coney

To the editor,

Thanks for following up on the Coney Island story (“Freaking out over Coney Island,” April 7). This whole Thor Equities scheme appears rotten to the core and needs to be fleshed out more. Where are the renderings, if any? Will the Planning Commission and City Council have the backbone to oppose a mega-developer? They certainly didn’t buck Ratner.

Coney is not just an amusement park, it is a collective memory for millions. I believe half of New York City is weeping over this. I say, “Mermaids and Mermen unite — you have nothing to lose but your voice.”

Carl Lawrence, Vinegar Hill

Gay ol’ religion

To the editor,

I applaud your article on gays and religion (“That gay ol’ religion,” March 31).

We are fighting the good fight in much of the Episcopal Church, and I hope we are winning it. Living according to the Gospel requires something that I find very hard to achieve: loving your enemy as much as your friend, and never saying to anyone, including the most reprehensible, “I have no need of you” — even when they say it to you.

Hal Weiner, Manhattan

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