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A Grand headlock

90th Precinct


Headlock express

A thief put his victim in a headlock and stole his phone and wallet on Leonard Street on Sept. 25.

The victim was near Grand Street at 5:15 am when the perp put him in a head hold and punched him several times before taking his phone and cash.

Phone snatch

A perp took a woman’s phone near her Meserole Street building on Sept 22.

The victim was entering her residence at 7 pm, when the perp approached and grabbed her iPhone before bolding toward Humboldt Street.

Razor’s edge

A thug mugged a woman with a razor blade in front of her Meserole Street apartment on Sept. 21.

The victim entered her building at 8:45 pm — and the perp entered behind her, waved a razor and said, “Hand over your bag!”

He took the bag and fled on an orange bike down Leonard Street.

Bag job

Two thieves stole a bag from a woman inside her Bedford Avenue lobby on Sept. 19.

The woman entered her apartment building near S. Fourth St. at 9:15 pm when the perps approached her and attempted to pull off her bag. One of them punched her in the face while the other grabbed the purse and ran out the door.

Phone tip

A thief stole a phone from a woman while she was walking and talking on Havemeyer Street on Sept. 20.

The victim near S. Fourth Street at 7:20 pm when the perp approached her from behind, snatched her phone and ran away.

VCR blues

A thief stole a microwave and a VCR from a Union Avenue apartment on Sept 24.

The tenant left his place near Scholes Street at noon, but when he returned five hours later, he saw his door was unlocked and his stuff was missing.

xBox xtracted

A thief stole a video game system and a computer from a Montrose Avenue apartment on Sept. 23.

The tenant left his apartment near Graham Avenue at 9:30 am and returned at 6 pm to find his stuff gone.


A thief stole a $1,500 mountain bike and an antique knife from a car on Rodney Street.

The driver parked near Ainslie Street on Sept. 22 at 7 pm, but when she returned three days later, she saw her front window was shattered and her bike had been gershed along with the blade.

Flute solo

A thief stole a $2,000 flute from a car on S. Second Street on Sept. 21.

The driver parked near Berry Street at 4 pm and returned two hours later to find the musical instrument gone.

Photo finished

A thief stole a $2,500 camera and four lenses from a car on S. Sixth Street on Sept. 21.

The driver parked near Berry Street at 8 pm, and returned an hour later.

Chevy hitter

A thief stole a Chevy from Humboldt Street last week.

The driver told cops that she parked near Grand Street on Sept. 21 at 8:30 pm, but when she returned two days later, her car was gone.

Honda magic

A thief stole a Honda that had been parked in front of the McKibbin Street lofts.

The driver parked near White Street at midnight on Sept. 22, and returned two days later to find the car gone.

— Aaron Short

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