A holdup at the hold up company

Hold-up hold up

Two thieves stole 354 scaffolding beams from a Morgan Avenue yard on Sept. 5, after handcuffing a guard and his girlfriend.

The thieves broke into the Scaffolding One yard near Stagg Street at 2 am and put a gun to the night watchman’s head. They handcuffed him and his girlfriend, who was there to deliver some food, duct taped his eyes and feet, and stole whatever cash they had on them.

The crooks began loading the scaffolding beams into a truck and fled away, after leaving the guard a key to the handcuffs so he could free himself.

Hooper assault

A chubby thug struck his victim with a glass bottle after a fight erupted outside a Hooper Street club on Sept. 4.

The incident appeared to have been sparked after a man chatted up the thug’s girlfriend inside Trio near S. Fifth Street at around 1:40 am. An hour later, the jealous boyfriend sought out the would-be paramour outside the club and allegedly hit him over the head with a bottle, causing heavy bleeding and a bruise.

Laundry looters

A crook stole a computer and an iPod from a S. Ninth Street apartment on Sept. 4 while its tenant was doing laundry.

The perp broke into the side window of the building after 2:30 pm near Bedford Avenue and grabbed the tenant’s property. She discovered the crime when she returned from a nearby Laundromat three hours later.

Robber punch

A thug held up his victim on Manhattan Avenue on Sept. 3 and punched him in the face when he couldn’t find any money.

The perp approached his victim at 6 am near Montrose Avenue and proceeded to search his pockets. When he didn’t find much, he struck the man in his left eye and fled.

Chain swing

A thug came after two men on Clymer Street with a large metal chain and beat them several times before he was arrested a few minutes later.

The perp chased the men at 5:17 pm on Sept. 3, swinging the chain like a Roman gladiator. He caught one victim near Bedford Avenue and bruised up his body. Less than an hour later, the police caught up with him.

Finger slice

A perp threw a tantrum inside a Union Avenue office on Sept. 3, cutting a worker’s finger with his knife.

The thug entered the office near Broadway at 11:45 am, throwing several chairs and screaming profanities. After refusing to leave, the perp was escorted out by security but picked another fight with the business owner and cut his hand with a knife.

Leather jacket

A stylish thief stole a Grand Street clothing boutique’s wares on Sept. 5.

The thief broke into Life Curated near Bedford Avenue after its owner locked up at 6:30 pm. When she returned the next day at 5 pm, she found her laptop, a $1,300 leather jacket, and $280 missing.

Roebling burg

A thief stole a woman’s computer from a S. Third Street apartment on Sept. 4 while she was out.

The perp broke into the building near Roebling Street after its tenant left at noon. When she returned at 9:30 pm, she found her computer and keyboard were missing.