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A House united: Band at BAM combines jazz, rock, and world music

World music is in the House: The electic band House of Water will bring its instrumental mix of jazz, rock, and world music to the BAM Cafe on April 28.
David Sosnow

They are international Waters!

An instrumental trio that combines elements of Irish folk, South American rhythms, and American indie rock will play selections from its latest eclectic album at the BAM Cafe on April 28. The hammered dulcimer player for House of Waters says that the self-titled album marks a new, stripped-down direction for the three-piece jazz, rock, and world music band.

“We really wanted to focus on the trio sound. In the past we had recorded multiple overdubs, with multiple tracks and instruments,” said Max ZT. “But for this record, we really wanted to focus on the raw trio sound.”

Six-string bassist Moto Fukushima, percussionist Ignacio Rivas Bixio, and ZT each bring different musical influences, and the new album is designed to show off their those elements, said ZT.

“Musically, we were very keen to include our compositions that represent our varied influences, specifically those from India, West Africa, South America, Western classical music, and New York City jazz,” he said.

And while it may seem difficult to weave those disparate styles into a cohesive sound, the members of House of Waters have found a way to work together to craft their songs, said ZT.

“Most of the time an individual would bring a phrase or a progression to the group and see where we take it,” he said. “We’ll work on adding sections, transitions, rhythmic hits, or new melodies. Even though the instrumentation is quite unusual, we have had very few issues in our writing process; everything has been quite natural.”

The blending of international cultures in the band’s music matches the way that the world has become smaller in recent years, said ZT.

“In these ever-porous times, where transportation is at its easiest, where the Internet connects every culture from around the world to each other, where everything is influenced by everything, it’s only suiting that our songs incorporate these varied influences,” he said.

The show at BAM Cafe will be a high-energy performance that includes tunes form the latest albums, as well as some brand new songs.

House of Waters at BAM Café [30 Lafayette Ave. between Ashland Place and St. Felix Street in Fort Greene, (718) 636–4100, www.bam.org]. April 28 at 9 pm. Free.

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