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A mildly considerate thief

Window dressing

A somewhat considerate crook took everything but the kitchen window when he broke into an apartment on Seventh Avenue on Dec. 12 by climbing in from the fire escape.

The perp entered the home, which is between Carroll Street and Garfield Place, between 7 am and 9:45 pm by removing the kitchen window, which he gently placed on the floor without damaging it.

But that’s where the kindness ended — he went on to steal two laptops and two iPods.

In the bedroom

Thieves broke into a Sterling Place apartment through the bedroom window on Dec. 11 and stole $7,400 worth of stuff. The robbers entered the home, which is between Sixth and Seventh avenues, around 2 pm, and took two laptops, $2,800 in jewelry, and $3,000.

Sack hack

Someone smashed his way into a car on Bergen Street on Dec. 12 and removed the airbag from the steering wheel.

The owner of the car found returned at 7:40 pm to the spot between Fourth and Fifth avenues to see that her rear driver’s-side window had been shattered, and the airbag, worth $1,000, had been stolen.

Traffic jam

Thieves stole a spate of cars last week — and all of them were mid-sized varieties more than 10 years old, cops said. Here’s a roundup:

• A 1991 Ford was stolen from the corner of Ninth Street and Second Avenue. The owner said he parked it there on Dec. 10, but when he returned at 7 am on Dec. 12, it was gone.

• A 1995 Plymouth minivan disappeared without a trace from the corner of Sixth Avenue and President Street on Dec. 6. The van’s owner discovered his vehicle missing at 7 am.

• A 1998 Nissan Altima was lifted from Eighth Street on Dec. 10. The car had been parked between Seventh and Eighth avenues, but was gone by 7 pm.

Rim job

Thieves stole half a car on Dec. 12 when they took two tires and two rims from a black Honda that had been parked on Sixth Avenue. The owner found her lopsided vehicle, which had been parked between Sterling and Park places, at noon.

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