A nice, calm mugging

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–Boerum Hill–Downtown–DUMBO

The easy way?

A man calmly mugged a teen as he sat outside a building on Jay Street on Sept. 8.

The perp approached the teen, who was resting on a stoop near High Street, at around 11:30 am and quietly said, “We can do this the hard way or the easy way — I’m going to rob you, and I want all your money.”

The thug then clenched his fists and threatened to punch the victim, who quickly handed over his wallet and cellphone. The punk then raced away down Jay Street.

Heights heist

Three hoodlums mugged a 15-year-old with a boxcutter on Pineapple Street on Sept. 13 as he walked home.

The boy was between Henry and Hicks streets at around 4:30 pm when the thieves pounced. One said, “Give me your stuff,” while his accomplice showed off the evil blade.

The boy obliged, handing over his wallet, and the teens ran away.

Bag-gone it

A perp grabbed a woman’s purse as she was walking down Gold Street on Sept. 12 in broad daylight.

The Park Slope woman was leaving a building near York Street at around 1:40 pm when the man grabbed the bag and darted into a nearby building.

Cops later recovered the bag in the building’s lobby — but the $180 that had been inside it was gone.

Breakin’ in

There was a spate of break-ins in Brooklyn Heights last week, with burglars checking out at least three apartments. Here’s a round-up:

• A burglar broke into a Montague Street apartment on Sept. 5 by climbing up the fire escape and ripping out the victim’s air conditioner. The homeowner, who lives between Clinton and Henry streets, was away for the weekend and came back at around 9:30 pm to find $1,600 worth of laptops gone.

• A perp broke through two locks to enter a Livingston Street apartment on Sept. 8, and made off with a digital camera and laptop. The resident, who lives near Court Street, made a point to double-lock her door before leaving for work, but came home around 9:30 pm and saw that her efforts had not paid off.

• A punk broke into an Atlantic Avenue apartment on Sept. 12 and stole $14,700 worth of electronics, jewelry and a bicycle, cops said. The victim, who lives between Hoyt and Bond streets, came home from work around 7 pm and noticed that her front door was open and personal belongings were gone.

— Sarah Portlock