A pocketful of notions

Here are some more random thoughts from the scraps of paper and backs of business cards that have been accumulating in my jacket pockets.

Bill O’Reilly donated his personalized Air Force One jacket to be auctioned off for charity. The Wounded Warrior Project is now $25,000 richer.Sarah Palin donated the red jacket she wore for the cover of her book, Going Rogue, and would you believe? Fifty-seven grand is on the way to military and veteran charities. We’ve come a long way since Bill Clinton donated a pair of used undershorts to the Salvation Army and then took a five dollar deduction on his income tax. Yes, Nancy. I am serious.

I’m looking at a supermarket ad that reads ‘GROUND BEEF 80% LEAN.” It should really read “GROUND BEEF 20% FAT.” It’s all in the marketing.

I like Huckabee but forget it. Just think about Willie Horton and the prison furlough program. It cost Dukakis the election. There’s no way the GOP will be able to sell voters the differences between the two. Oh, by the way. It wasn’t a competing Republican who brought the big bu-bu of Dukakis to our attention. Who was it?

If all those celebrities who raise funds for political parties channeled their fundraising efforts to legitimate charities they could raise enough money to conquer Leukemia and feed millions of starving children all over the world.

What’s with this nonsense about moving those ‘special’ prisoners in Gitmo to a particular facility in Illinois? I have no problem with moving them to any federal penitentiary in the United States just so long as they receive no special privileges and are moved in with the general population of thieves and murderers.

I’ll answer your question right now before you ask it. Superbowl Sunday is February 7th.

First it was called ‘global warming’. Then it was renamed ‘climate change’. Now I’m told that the proper term is ‘climate instability’. At this very minute my granddaughters are romping and frolicking in 27 inches of climate instability.

A TERRORIST attempted to blow up an airplane on Christmas day. Had he succeededalmost 300 innocent people would have been murdered. This administration read him his rights and will be trying him in a civilian court. Wake up, America. This administration is crazy.

A new Rasmussen poll tells us that 30% of voters do not want water boarding or other aggressive interrogation techniques used on the Christmas Day terrorist.Nearly twice that number, 58%, wants the SOB to be water boarded, tortured along with every other means possible to get information from him%u2026. And they’re serious. Ya’ hear that Nancy?

19 states now have a ban on TWD %u2013 Texting While Driving. This is a no-brainer. Why do we not have this law in all fifty states?

I received a few Thank You Emails from readers who followed my instructions and saw their names on the Unclaimed Funds list. Some received enough money for a nice dinner out and others are now a couple of hundred bucks richer. I am [email protected] saying “You’re welcome.”