A ‘purrfect’ ending: Cops save trapped feline from car cat-astrophe in Sheepshead Bay

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Police rescued a kitten from the engine compartment of a car parked in Sheepshead Bay.
Photo by Todd Maisel

Their engine really purred without turning the car on.

Sheepshead Bay residents were surprised to hear a noise under the hood of a Toyota parked on E. 23rd Street and Avenue W Sunday afternoon. Moments later, deep in the engine compartment, they discovered a kitten trapped between the hoses and wires.

Officers from the 61st Precinct and Emergency Service personnel responded and at first tried to remove the kitten from underneath the car without success. After finding the owner of the car, authorities were able to dig into the engine compartment where they worked for some time trying to free the kitten.

After more than two hours of dismantling some parts, the cat was free.

Responding officers work to save the kitten.Photo by Todd Maisel

Neighbors Steven Lynn and his girlfriend immediately fell in love with the fragile feline. The pair took him home, gave him a bath, and named him Mr. Belvedere.

“I’m the proud owner of a new kitten and yes, I’m a cat dude and this one needed a home,” Lynn said of his new adoptee, a young male that he will need to take to the vet because of ear mites.

“I’ve got a new best friend,” Lynn said proudly. “He’s gonna have a happy home now.”

Officers pose with the feline.Photo by Todd Maisel

This story first appeared on AMNY.com.