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A Vote of no-confidence for ‘Cancelwoman’ Sarsour

Intolerant Islamo-pols just can’t hack it in free societies.

London’s new Muslim mayor banned a “demeaning” subway poster of a bikini-clad beauty before he barely had time to occupy the executive loo.

Secular Turkey’s increasingly Islamist president, who claims democracy and freedom have “absolutely no value,” advanced his shariah dreams with an orgy of brutal crackdowns after his attempted overthrow.

The Islamo-rampage on democracy must stop, especially if Western Muslims want a seat in government.

Arab American Association of New York’s Linda Sarsour all-but declared her candidacy for Bay Ridge’s soon-to-be-open Council seat on Brooklyn Paper Radio, but any ballot of the cop-hating wacktivist should scream her terror ties, Islamo-supremacy, and anti-Americanism:

• Sarsour proudly informed the Columbia Journalism Review in 2004 that the men pictured on the front page of an Arab newspaper — bearing slogans soliciting suicide bombers — were her cousin and friend, serving 25 and 99 years in Israeli jails, and that her imprisoned brother-in-law was serving 12 years for being a Hamas cohort.

• She applauds Palestinian children hurling rocks at Jews as the “definition of courage” while trashing critics as “Zionist trolls.”

• She lies about Muslim “kids being executed” in America and invents hate crimes her neighbors debunk.

Sarsour’s organization, which received $500,000 in city funding in April, is also troubling: NYPD’s counter-terrorism surveillance investigators named it a “terrorism enterprise,” and it counts Qatar Foundation International — a group linked to the terror-lovin’ Qatari government and the Muslim Brotherhood — among its sponsors.

Sarsour’s hijab hardly covers her about-face. The self-professed feminist and civil rights tooter fiercely criticized “Honor Diaries” a documentary about violence against women in Muslim lands — and claimed, “Black lives don’t matter. But they do in Islam.” Who is she kiddin’?

Authorities in Saudi Arabia — the birthplace of Islam — bury women up to their breasts and stone them to death in public, and trade castrated black slaves on Facebook.

Councilwoman Sarsour? Nah.

Brooklyn needs to squelch Linda’s political whims like the “bug” her last name denotes in Arabic, for her idea of public service makes decency’s skin crawl.

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