A whole latte money!

Java jolt! Coffee prices are boiling over
Photo by Noah Devereaux

The $7 latte is here.

The Nordic coffeehouse Budin opens this morning in Greenpoint, vending a variety of high-end Scandinavian roasts, including a licorice latte that retails for seven bucks.

“It’s the same thing as specialty beer or wine tasting,” said Budin co-owner Crystal Pei of his cafe’s high-end selection. “It’s a niche people are getting into.”

Not all of Budin’s brews are so expensive. Average joes can get a regular cup of joe for $2. But the fancy Scandinavian roasts from names renowned among the coffee cognoscenti — including Tim Wendelboe from Norway, Coppe from Sweden, and Drop Coffee, also from Sweden — are pricey. Pei says it is worth the money.

“Their roast is lighter and the flavor profile is different,” said Pei, of the northern European varieties.

Wendelboe will make the trip to the shop from Oslo, Norway in April to greet and treat local bean buffs.

Time will tell how much of a market there is for the $7 latte in Greenpoint. Budin opens for business Friday morning at 7 am. The shop will also sell kitchen and coffee accessories.

Budin (114 Greenpoint Ave. between Franklin Street and Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, www.budin-nyc.com). Fri, 7 am to 6 pm.

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