Ahoy there! Coast Guard comes ashore in Red Hook

Ahoy there! Coast Guard comes ashore in Red Hook
Photo by Janis Eyi

Ship ahoy!

Kids, cadets and hobby sailors toured one of the country’s last active military sailing vessels in Red Hook last weekend — a mammoth boat that looks plucked from a scene in “Treasure Island.”

The United States Coast Guard opened the Barque Eagle at Pier 7 last week, offering tours of the 300-foot taxpayer-funded, pre-World War II-era ship, just in time for her 75th birthday.

“There was a big ‘gee-whiz’ factor,” said Charles Rowe, a spokesman for the agency.

Sailors offered Brooklynites an explanation of how the 300-foot ship functions — pointing to her 100-foot canvas sails and three-wheel steering system — as little boys’ mouths hung agape.

The ship, which is now used to train future Guard officers, is one of only two active sail boats used by the American military.

Coast Guarders partnered with the sustainable waterfront planning group PortSide to spread the word about the three-day tour.

The ship has docked in Iceland, England and Germany — where it was built — in the past four months, turning plenty of heads with her sleek, old-timey look along the way.

“She’s America’s ship,” said Rowe. “People got to see what they’re paying for.”

The United States Coast Guard’s Barque Eagle is one tall ship.
Photo by Janis Eyi