All hands on deck! Neighborhood Auxiliaries called in to help deter crime

KEEPING AN EYE OUT: NYPD Auxiliary Police Officer Widlyne Melle joined more than a dozen of her volunteer brothers and sisters in blue in flooding the streets surrounding the corner of Nostrand and Church avenues. Brooklyn’s auxiliary patrol converged on the area to alert NYPD cops about problems in the troubled corner.
Steve Solomonson

More than 75 auxiliary police officers converged on the corner of Nostrand and Church avenues on Oct. 26 to help police the streets and prove that all one has to do to help their community is keep his or her eyes open.

The volunteers, who sport blue uniforms, a sheriff’s star, and a radio — but don’t carry a gun — began walking around the neighborhood at dusk acting as an extra dozen pairs of eyes and ears for the NYPD, as well as warding off those planning to commit crimes.

“The mere presence of a uniform on the street is a deterrent in itself,” explained Auxiliary Chief Tony Christo, who organized last Wednesday’s special deployment. Auxiliaries in Patrol Borough Brooklyn South recently held a similar deployment in Sunset Park to assist cops in their search for a crew of roving sex fiends. “We were also handing out fliers to let people know that if they need anything they can reach out to us because we represent a partnership between the community and the police.”

Flatbush’s 67th Precinct, which requested the volunteers, is currently seeing an 11-percent jump in crime. Robberies in the precinct were up by 20 percent, from 322 in October, 2010, to 386 this year.

Local police say they’re happy that the auxiliary could lend a hand.

“[The auxiliaries] are a tremendous asset to the police department,” said Inspector Charles Scholl, acting commanding officer of the 67th Precinct. “Having more eyes and ears on the street has a tremendous affect on lowering the crime rate.”

Anyone wishing to join the 67th Precinct Auxiliary can call the 67th Precinct at (718) 287-3211.

They’re not the Reservoir Dogs, they’re neighborhood watch dogs. Four auxiliary cops patrol near the corner of Church and Nostrand avenues, looking for trouble.
Steve Solomonson

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