All’s fair at Smorgasburg as new food fest opens with great stuff, high prices

All’s fair at Smorgasburg as new food fest opens with great stuff, high prices
Photo by Matthew Nedbalsky

It was a feast for the eyes and ears — but not the wallet.

Not content to just outfit us with tasteful loft décor, vintage gossamers and hip housewares, the Brooklyn Flea is now feeding us every Saturday this summer in Williamsburg.

Smorgasburg, the food-only market at the river end of N. Sixth Street, opened this weekend to heavy crowds to taste the borough’s homemade treats.

There was a lot to choose from.

Foodies familiar with the tasty offerings at the Brooklyn Flea’s crafts and antique markets had their fill street vendor snacks including spinach pupusas from Solber Pupusas, and lobster rolls from the Red Hook Lobster Pound, which both had half-hour lines throughout the day.

And there were plenty of new offerings including roasted garlic toast from Scratch Bread, hot dogs from the Meat Hook, corn flake cookies from the Momofuku Milk Bar, and vegan ice cream from Fine + Raw Chocolate.

But the intensity of the hungry crowds wore on even the most battle-hardened food purveyors.

Makers of Mexican cemitas seemed to crack under the pressure of feeding Brooklyn bellies nearly nonstop for four hours, and several vendors complained of back aches and burns after standing on their feet for much of the day.

And Fine + Raw’s Daniel Sklaar, who served up four quarts of coconut-chocolate ice cream, said he was “slammed” between 11 am and 3 pm, though he sold more ice cream at the market than at any other day.

“It was like a swarm of free range locusts going over the organic fields,” said Sklaar.

There were few deals to be had at Smorgasburg, where tacos cost $3 and higher, cookies and cupcakes flew north of $2, hot dogs rose above $4, a grilled cheese with three cheeses added up to $8.50 and the lobster rolls clocked in at $16.

Even the humble pupusa with sides came to $4.

But everything we tried was delicious — so maybe they’re onto something (again).

Smorgasburg (N. Sixth St. at Kent Avenue in Williamsburg), Saturdays, 10 am-4 pm. For info, visit www.smorgasburg.com.