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Almost a vicious slicing

Get the point

A 25-year-old barely escaped with his life after two thugs roughed him up on Sixth Avenue early on June 11.

The victim told cops that he was between Lincoln and St. Johns places at around 3:15 am when two men approached him. One thug grabbed his shirt while the other pulled a switchblade, demanding his stuff.

But the victim shook his attackers and took off, keeping himself and his possessions safe.

Rogue robbers

Sneaky thieves were on the move this week, as at least four people reported getting pick-pocketed or losing their stuff to jerks. Here are the annoying details:

• An artsy thief took advantage of a woman in the crowded Brooklyn Museum on June 5. The victim told cops that she entered the Eastern Parkway institution just before 11 am, but quickly noticed that her wallet had been swiped. Later, she discovered that the museum misfit had used her credit card near the arthouse, which is at Washington Avenue.

• A woman told cops that a thief grabbed some cards from her pocketbook, which she had placed on a Douglass Street sidewalk on June 8 at about 4 pm. The shifty bandit moved in when he saw his soon-to-be-victim caught up in a cellphone conversation on the block between Fourth and Fifth avenues.

• A thief must have been singing, “It’s fun to raid at the YMCA” when he stole a wallet with credit and debit cards from the popular gym on Ninth Street on June 7. The victim told cops that he was working out in the Village People’s favorite hangout between Fifth and Sixth avenues at around 9 pm.

• A thief pickpocketed a woman inside her Flatbush Avenue office on June 10. The victim told cops that she was inside the building between Sterling and St. Johns places, at around noon when she noticed the missing bank card and other IDs.

Quite unsweet

A thief with a sweet tooth busted into a beloved Seventh Avenue bakery overnight on June 10.

A security video shows the thug breaking through a window of Sweet Melissa Patisserie, which is between First and Second streets at around 2:30 am.

The same tape shows the thief getting away with $260.


Thieves stepped up their car games last week, stealing at least three vehicles. Here’s what happened:
• Cops are hunting a veritable Superman after a thief cracked the steering wheel lock on a Jeep Cherokee that had been parked on 13th Street. The victim told cops that he’d left the truck between Sixth and Seventh avenues on June 7, but when he returned three days later, the Jeep was gone.

• Call it karma, but a man who admitted that he had illegally parked his Subaru on Carroll Street on June 10 returned to it two hours later to find it gone. The car had been left between Sixth and Seventh avenues at around 9 pm and cops quickly determined that it had not been towed.

• Someone stole a 2006 Saab from Sixth Avenue. The victim told cops that he’d parked the luxury vehicle from the troubled Swedish manufacturer between Garfield Place and Carroll Street on June 10. But two days later, it was gone.

Scooter swipes

And at least two fashionable two-wheelers were jacked last week:

• A thief stole a 52-year-old mans Aprilia Scooter from in front his Berkeley Place home sometime between June 7 and June 10. The victim said he had parked the wheels between Seventh and Eighth avenues.

• A trendy Vespa was stolen from Berkeley Place overnight on June 7. The victim told cops that he’d parked it for the night between Fifth and Sixth avenues, but it was gone by daylight.

Break-in bad

A DJ is out of business after a thief stole his equipment from a car on Fifth Street between June 4 and June 5.

The loud music-loving perp also swiped a navigation system from the 2007 Hyundai, which was parked between Fifth and Sixth avenues.

Money grab

More than $1,000 was taken from a car that had been parked on Fifth Street on June 3.

The victim told cops that she was only gone from the Nissan, which was left near Eighth Avenue, from 3–4 pm, but upon her return, she noticed that her pocketbook — and the cash — was gone.

Celled up

A jerk grabbed a cellphone right out of a 19-year-old’s hands as he was finishing up a call at the Grand Army Plaza subway entrance on May 20.

The victim told cops that he was just about to head to the 2/3 train at the subway entrance at the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Plaza Street East at around 9 am when the thug made his move.


A smartphone-loving thief swiped an iPhone from an F-train rider on June 10.

The victim told cops that she had just gotten off a Coney Island-bound train at the Fourth Avenue station at around 3 pm when the thug snatched the popular Apple device.

The phone is so beloved that the 35-year-old woman chased the thief down the stairs, but he outran her.

— Alex Rush

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