America by the numbers

Should the United States become involved in the situation in Syria? According to Scott Rasmussen 50 percent of America says “No.” Thirty percent are undecided. I say if my president finds it necessary to send troops anywhere, he should send them where they are needed most — Chicago.

According to the most recent Times-CBS poll 41 percent of Americans want Obamacare to be overturned completely while 24 percent want to keep the entire law and 27 percent say keep the law but overturn the mandate. This is how the political people spin the facts. Conservatives are thrilled that some 68 percent of America wants the Supreme Court to strike down all or at least part of Obamacare. Liberals are telling us that 51 percent of the population want to keep at least part of the law. It’s Only My Opinion, but if the Times and CBS admit to 68 percent, then the number is a lot worse.

The creation of 150,000 jobs was predicted. But less than half, only 69,000, actually were created. With that, unemployment inched up from 8.1 percent to 8.2 percent. And the opinion of the talking heads on MSNBC is that the economy is getting much better.

U.S. factory orders were expected to rise .2 percent in April. Instead they fell .6 percent. Still, the opinion of the talking heads on MSNBC is that the economy is getting better. And yes! I do watch MSNBC.

More and more, Americans are learning that they can save a little cash by using coupons for food items and toiletries. More than 3.5 billion consumer coupons were redeemed last year. That’s a 6.1 percent increase over 2010. There are several sources that issue coupons for everything from restaurants to car rentals. We even bought a car with a coupon. I had a $1,000 coupon from Toyota to be used towards the purchase of a new car. I produced it after we struck a deal with the salesman. He refused to honor it handing me the BS that he already lowered the price by the $1,000. Carol and I walked into the manager’s office and very pleasantly warned him that we are about to telephone the Toyota company. Mr. Manager couldn’t deduct the second thousand dollars fast enough. When Americans talk about the list of the most trusted people in the nation, car salesmen are always near the bottom.

• • •

Seventy-two percent of all Americans now work through their retirement. This fact comes to us from Wells Fargo. I’m not sure I believe it. How can I believe anything that has the same name as the stagecoach that was always being held up in the old cowboy movies?

Last year American travelers arrived at Transportation Security Administration gates with more guns than at any time since the good folks of the Transportation Security Administration have been doing its thing. In 2011 more than 1,200 firearms were confiscated. That’s more than double the amount just a few years ago. There has been an increase in the number of states passing “Right To Carry” legislation. Somebody should tell these travelers that the new laws apply to carrying a Smith and Wesson on land, not in the friendly skies.

The United States now has over six million people in jail. That’s more than there were in the gulags during the Stalin era. With this lousy economy and so many Americans out of work we can expect that number to grow.

• • •

North Dakota just passed Alaska in oil production. The number two state now pumps out 575,000 barrels a day pushing Alaska down to number three. At 1.7 million barrels a day, Texas is still the unchallenged leader. As soon as our president permits the Last Frontier to drill in the ANWAR, The Land Of The Midnight Sun will return to number two and at the same time help America.

• • •

Six-hundred-million — that’s the amount of dollars the Office Of Personnel Management admits that our government has paid out this past five years to — get ready for it — dead people. For whatever reason, the names of many who have passed were never stricken from certain rolls. So now, not only are dead people voting, they are still collecting money. I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net asking, is this a great country or what?

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