Andrews lands Spitzer job • Brooklyn Paper

Andrews lands Spitzer job

The electorate closed a door, but Gov. Spitzer has opened a window to his pal Carl Andrews, giving the former state Senator a job in his new administration and earning complaints from critics, who call the position a cynical “quid pro quo.”

Andrews, the close associate of convicted Brooklyn Democratic boss Clarence Norman who lost a divisive race for a congressional seat this fall, told The Brooklyn Paper that he’s now working for Spitzer in “intergovernmental relations.”

“When I know [my exact title], I’ll let you know,” quipped Andrews, a longtime ally of the new governor.

Critics say Andrews’s appointment is a stain on Spitzer’s reformist image.

“Carl’s involvement with Clarence Norman and the Brooklyn machine produced a huge amount of votes, which gave Spitzer his margin of victory in his first campaign for attorney general,” said one political insider.

Chris Owens, who finished fourth in the four-way race to succeed his father, Major Owens, also raised an eyebrow: “I don’t think anyone should be surprised by the appointment, given that ‘Mr. Reform’ endorsed Andrews [in the congressional race].”

Andrews’s new job is similar to one he held from 1999-2002 for then-Attorney General Spitzer.

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