Andy Statman channels his borough for new LP

Courtesy of Andy Statman

Renowned clarinetist and mandolin player Andy Statman didn’t have to look far to find inspiration for his new double album.

It’s called “Old Brooklyn,” and songs such as the title track, “Ocean Parkway After Dark,” and “On the King’s Highway,” blend American roots, blues, jazz, folk and Jewish fiddle tunes in a way that evokes the multi-cultural history, legacy and environment of Kings County.

“I go down to the Salt Marshes down in Gerritsen; I go down to the beach in Brighton, just to see the natural surroundings of Brooklyn, to see what this place might have looked like 200 years ago,” Statman said. “But within a block of my house, I hear music from all over the world blaring out of cars; it’s great — there aren’t many places in America where you can do that.”

Statman, who has collaborated with artists such as Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, David Bromberg and famous Klezmer musician Dave Tarras, enlisted big-name artists including Paul Shaffer, Bela Fleck and John Goodman to play on his record, which he views as an amalgamation of his many different musical influences.

“It’s an organic blend of various types of American roots music,” the Flatbush resident explained. “People who like different styles of music will find something in it. But for purists? It’ll be a bit of a challenge.”

“Old Brooklyn” is available starting on Oct. 25. For info, visit www.andystatman.org.

Get this record Stat, man! Clarinet and mandolin guru Andy Statman’s new album, “Old Brooklyn,” comes out on Oct. 25.
Courtesy of Andy Statman

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