Another crime in Fort Greene Park

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Bad advice

Two hulking brutes jumped a 21-year-old in Fort Greene Park on Aug. 10 — then brazenly told their victim that he’d “be safe” if he stayed away from the popular urban oasis.

The victim was walking through the park near the corner of Myrtle and N. Portland avenues at 11:55 pm, listening to his headphones, when the thieves jumped him, ripped the earphones off his head and demanded his cash.

The victim handed them $20 — and the thieves offered something in return: “If you stay away, you’ll be safe,” one of the goons said.

iPhone grabs

Thieves in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill grabbed up a half-dozen iPhones last week. Here’s the rundown:

• A thief on a bicycle swiped an iPhone from an unsuspecting 31-year-old woman on Quincy Street on Aug. 7.

The victim was between Classon Avenue and Downing Street at 10:35 pm when the suspect rolled up behind her and plucked the $600 smartphone right out of her hand.

• A group of teens mugged a woman waiting for the bus on Flatbush Avenue on Aug. 12 — running off with her iPhone.

The woman was at a bus stop between Pacific and Atlantic avenues at 9 pm when the suspects swarmed her.

• A crook swiped an iPhone from a 30-year-old woman’s hand as she sat on a 3 train leaving the Fulton Street station on Aug. 12.

The victim was sitting by a subway car door at 7:20 pm when the thief reached inside, grabbed her phone and fled.

• A not-so genteel pair jumped a 34-year-old man at the corner of Greene Avenue and Cambridge Place on Aug. 14, taking his iPhone.

The suspects approached the victim at 2:38 pm, greeted him with a “What’s up” then proceeded to punch him in the face until he gave up his pricey communication device.

• A thief took an iPhone off a 22-year-old woman at the corner of S. Elliot Place and DeKalb Avenue on Aug. 10.

The thug jumped her from behind at 12:15 am, taking her property.

• A goon jumped a man at the corner of Willoughby and Carlton avenues on Aug. 11, taking his iPhone and wallet.

The victim was approaching the corner at 10:30 pm when the suspect forced him to give up his property.

Bad day

Talk about a bad day on the rails!

Four goons jumped a 20-year-old man visiting from Virginia at the Atlantic Avenue station on Aug. 8 — mere moments after a cop gave the tourist a summons for smoking on the subway!

The fearsome foursome struck up a conversation with the victim on a 2 train rumbling into Brooklyn at about 2 am.

The victim and the four suspects had just exited the train at Atlantic Avenue when he lit a cigarette — and was promptly stopped by a cop and given a summons.

Once the cop left, the victim’s new companions jumped him, leaving the 20-year-old unconscious.

When he woke up, his wallet, cellphone, $500 and a pair of pricey shoes were missing, he told police.

Purse snatch

A brute jumped a 42-year-old woman at Adelphi Street and Greene Avenue on Aug. 8, ripping the purse from her arm.

The victim was on her way to a friend’s home at 1:15 am when the thug attacked, snatching her bag, as well as the cellphone, digital camera and credit cards inside.

Washington burg

A bloodied-up crook broke into a Washington Avenue apartment on Aug. 10, then surprised a woman inside by nonchalantly telling her that she could come into the living room if she wanted.

The thief, who had an open gash on his head, forced open a bedroom window at the apartment between Gates Avenue and Fulton Street at 8:25 pm. He was rooting around the living room when the victim, who had been sleeping, woke up. When she showed up at the living room door, the thief promptly welcomed her into the room, then fled, taking nothing.

Target swipe

A thief snagged the mother lode during a visit to the Flatbush Avenue Target on Aug. 10: a woman’s bag containing a laptop computer, ipod, cellphone and credit cards.

The 30-year-old victim left her bag unattended in a shopping cart as she perused the aisles at 7:02 pm. When she returned two minutes later, her bag was gone.

Bike rock

A group of goons chucked a rock at a 44-year-old bicyclist rolling past the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Navy Street on Aug. 12, striking him in the face.

The victim was rolling toward the corner just before 6:30 pm when he was hit. A group of teenagers he spotted nearby were to blame, the victim told police.

Bra bilker

A thief swiped more than $1,600 worth of “Dream Angel” bras at the Victoria Secret inside the crime-ridden Atlantic Terminal mall on Flatbush Avenue on Aug. 13.

The unidentified goon pulled the uplifting undergarments — which cost between $45 and $58 apiece — from store shelves at 1:20 pm, putting them in a Target bag. He then scurried out a back door before anyone knew what had happened.

Subway collar

Two goons were arrested on Aug. 14 after they jumped a 16-year-old inside the Lafayette Avenue subway station.

The victim was waiting for the train at 2:10 am when the thieves asked him what was hanging out of his pocket.

When the teen looked down to see, the thieves attacked, beating him mercilessly before running off with his cellphone and charger.

But they didn’t get far: cops picked up the two suspects a short time later, charging them with robbery.

Metal menaces

Three thieves robbed a 29-year-old of his suitcase on Aug. 14 during a furious exchange on Cumberland Street involving a unique weapon — a heavy iron skillet.

The suspects jumped the victim between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues at 8:55 pm. After hitting their victim twice in the head with the skillet, the suspects ran off with the suitcase.

But the joke was on them — the victim had emptied the suitcase before leaving his house.

— Thomas Tracy