Another cyclist killed! Hit by a bus after avoiding driver’s car door

A cyclist was killed when a driver opened a car door and knocked her into the path of a bus on Atlantic Avenue on Saturday night. The driver of the car left the scene to attend a baby shower nearby, but later returned to the crime scene for a breath test.
Photo by Paul Martinka

A 24-year-old motorist from Staten Island was arrested on Sept. 11 after she sparked a chain of events that led to the horrific death of a bicyclist near the corner of Atlantic and Washington avenues, but then refused to admit her role in the tragedy.

Krystal Francis was getting into her Dodge Stratus parked on the east bound side of Atlantic Avenue at 8:38 pm when she opened her car door, clipping 23-year-old Flatbush resident Jasmine Heron as she passed on her bike — knocking the woman into the path of a B45 bus making its turn onto Washington Avenue.

The bus struck Heron, who died at the scene, horrified witnesses said.

Francis attempted to drive away, claiming that she had nothing to do with the accident and was running late to a baby shower, but responding officers dragged her back to the scene. She was later charged with driving on a suspended license, police said.

Photo by Paul Martinka

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