Another gym rat

Gym rats

A real gym rat broke into a fellow exerciser’s locker at an Atlantic Avenue gym and stole his wallet on Jan. 9.

The perp got away with $195 and credit cards in the 11:30 am incident at the gym, which is between Court Street and Boerum Place and makes frequent appearances in the Police Blotter.

Granny larceny

Insensitive punks mugged a 64-year-old woman on Fulton Street on Jan. 8, making off with her purse and pushing her to the ground in their escape.

The woman told cops she was between Lawrence and Bridge streets at around 5 pm when one perp grabbed her arm as three others circled her. One stole her pocketbook, while another pushed her to the ground.

Cops said the woman was not injured too badly.

House break

A perp broke into a woman’s Warren Street apartment on Jan. 5, making off with her new laptop and $5.

The victim left for work at 2 pm, but when she returned to the building, which is between Smith and Hoyt streets, eight hours later, her front door was open and her computer was gone.

Neighbors told cops that contractors were working on an apartment the floor below her, and cops said there was no sign of forced entry to the apartment.


Cops arrested four punks for stealing a kid’s Sidekick cellphone on Jan. 7, after they beat him up in a scuffle to get the phone.

The kid said that he was on Livingston Street, between Nevins Street and Flatbush Avenue, at 4:30 pm when a perp asked for his phone. When he refused, a fight ensued. Eventually, the boy tried to run away, but the pack followed, knocking the victim to the ground.

Cops nearby heard the skirmish and raced over, arresting the four perps and reclaiming the victim’s phone. One of the perps had marijuana on him, cops said.


A perp smashed through a woman’s brand new car window and broke into her trunk on Jan. 11, and ran off with her pocketbook.

The owner left the 2009 Toyota sedan near the corner of Prospect and Adams streets at around 12:20 pm. When she came back a few hours later, her window was smashed in and her trunk was wide open.

Hair raising

A hoodlum mugged a woman on Jan. 9 — and first got her attention by pulling her hair.

The woman was near the corner of Jay and Fulton streets at around 2:30 pm, when the man grabbed her hair and backpack, which contained credit cards, phone, and silver earrings.

— Sarah Portlock

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