Another iPhone swipe

Texting take

A 13-year-old swiped an iPhone from a woman near the corner of Lafayette and Washington avenues on April 23 — but was grabbed by police before he could enjoy his ill-gotten prize.

The 28-year-old victim was texting on her phone at 11 pm when the teen ran past her, plucking the phone from her grasp.

Blackberry snag

A criminal quintet jumped a 33-year-old at the corner of Vanderbilt and Greene avenues on April 22 — taking the man’s Blackberry.

The victim was nearing the intersection at 8:20 pm when the crew attacked.

Saint stabbing

An unhinged woman attacked a 26-year-old man on St. James Place on April 24 — stabbing him in the arm.

The victim told police that he had never met the woman before the 6:20 pm attack between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues — but the assault left him in Brooklyn Hospital with five stab wounds.

Pocket slap

A thug robbed a 20-year-old woman of her pocketbook after his victim refused to “ho” for him during an April 21 altercation on Fulton Street.

The victim was in a bodega between S. Elliott Place and S. Portland Avenue at 2:15 am when the thief — whom the victim knows — came in and made his request.

When she said no, the thief slapped her, followed her down the block and ran off with her handbag.

Pratt pinch

A goon made off with a Pratt Institute student’s laptop computer after visiting the Willoughby Avenue campus on April 22.

The victim left his laptop in a classroom for just five minutes when it disappeared around 7 pm.

Wallet grab

A thief swiped a wallet from a car parked at the corner of Fulton and St. Felix streets on April 18.

The car was broken into sometime after 4 pm, but the victim didn’t realize anything was wrong until his credit card company contacted him about unauthorized purchases.

Pedal pinch

A freewheeling goon swiped an $1,130 bike left on Lafayette Avenue on April 21.

The owner of the Pedline Xtracycle said that he chained his pricey wheels to a bike rack at Rockwell Place at noon. But when he returned at 9:30 pm the bike was missing.

Storage steal

A crooked entrepreneur swiped more than $6,000 in baby products from a Hall Street storage locker — items that he later peddled on eBay.

Workers for Baby Deedee said more than 300 baby “sleep nests” were pilfered from the company’s storage locker between Flushing and Park avenues between February and April 20 — when they learned that someone was selling them online.

Bar flies

Several diners and bar hoppers were victimized as they celebrated at their favorite Fort Greene nightspots last week. Here’s what happened:

• A thief snagged a handbag from a woman having a drink at the Fulton Grand Bar on Fulton Street on April 17. The woman was sitting inside the bar at Grand Avenue at 8:45 pm, but left her purse on a chair when nature called.

• A crook palmed a handbag from a woman enjoying a night at the Autour du Monde restaurant at the corner of Clinton Avenue and Fulton Street on April 20. The woman’s bag was hanging from the back of her chair when it was taken between 10:45 and 11 pm.

• A thief plucked a 46-year-old woman’s handbag from the back of her chair as she celebrated inside Chez Oskar on DeKalb Avenue on April 21. The bag was taken sometime between 8 and 9:30 pm in the restaurant between Adelphi Street and Clermont Avenue.

Marshall menace

Crooks converged on the Marshall’s inside the troubled Atlantic Center on Atlantic Avenue between Fort Greene Place and South Portland Avenue last week. Here are some highlights:

• A goon grabbed a 30-year-old woman’s purse as she shopped for clothes inside the department store on April 15. The woman laid her bag by her feet as she went through several clothing racks at 8:30 pm. When she completed her task 15 minutes later, she realized her bag was missing.

• A 47-year-old woman was arrested on April 19 after she was caught stealing more than $1,600 worth of clothing and accessories. The thief was grabbed leaving the store at 8:12 pm without paying for handbags, shoes and lingerie.

— Thomas Tracy