Another iPhone swiped

Phone mug

Two perps stole a man’s phone on Bogart Street on May 21.

The victim left the L-train station near Grattan Street at 6 am, when two perps confronted him, asking for a cigarette.

The victim refused, so one perp pressed a hard object against his back and said, “Run your jack,” while the other removed an iPhone. The perps ran away, but police caught one suspect later.


Two female thieves distracted their victim and one snatched her iPhone on Meserole Street on May 22.

The woman was walking to work near Lorimer Street at 2:40 pm when the perps approached her. One asked, “What time is it?” while the other took the phone — and they both fled.

Meserole Street and Lorimer Street

Pool break-in

A thief busted into a locker at the Metropolitan Pool on Bedford Avenue on May 21 and stole a swimmer’s wallet.

The victim told cops that he had locked his stuff at 3 pm in the gym near Metropolitan Avenue, but when he returned after an hourlong workout, he found his lock was broken and his stuff missing.


A thief took a laptop from a S. Second Street apartment on May 21.

The tenant told police that she left her apartment near Havemeyer Street at 6 pm and returned at midnight to find it gone.

Sweet Virginia

A thief broke into a Havemeyer Street boutique overnight on May 19 and stole cash.

The proprietor locked her business near S. Second Street at 8 pm, but when returned at 11 the next morning, she found the back window open and $58 missing.

Keap it

A thief stole a Honda on S. Second Street between May 15 and May 16.

The driver parked near Keap Street at 6 pm, but when he returned at 11 pm the next day, it was missing.

— Aaron Short