Another iPhone swiped by the bicycle thief

The teenager who has stalked iPhone users in Park Slope for two years continued his reign of terror last week, swiping another of the fancy smartphones from a woman on Flatbush Avenue.

The victim told cops the same story that more than a dozen victims have told since the robbery spree began: She was chatting on her iPhone near the corner of Plaza Street West at around 7:25 pm on Jan. 25 when a teenager approached from behind on a bicycle.

He glided silently towards her, grabbing the phone just as he passed her on the dark colored mini-sized bike. Without missing a beat, he continued on towards St. Johns Place.

If that location sounds familiar to iPhone users, it should: the Jobsphone-robbing thief has been plying his pernicious trade in the area for two years. For a brief time this fall, cops thought they had collared him, but he returned in December.

The victim in the latest case said the crime was a wake-up call.

“I didn’t care so much about the phone, but I was really upset because it happened in the early evening right outside the Grand Army Plaza stop,” said the woman, who requested anonymity because she is a crime victim.

“It was so crazy because it was right in the neighborhood. I feel like I might see him again.”

She said she couldn’t make a good ID on the thief, who was “wearing a gray hat and a black hoodie — looking like a thousand kids in New York.”

She said she had been sending a photo to a friend in California when the thief struck.

“Now I’m mostly upset because the phone had all my photographs, all my personal data, e-mail addresses, contact lists,” she added.

A crime prevention officer in the precinct cautioned all iPhone users to “know where you are at all times and don’t just pull out the phone and start typing.”